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for the animals


Little Bento Box was created to fill my own personal desire for amazing tasted sushi that didn't result in harm to sentient beings.

As someone who had always loved sushi, going vegan meant looking for something else to tickle my tastebuds. I spent many an hour looking for vegan sushi. It was not easy to find and when I did, it was cold, hard and contained within a horrific amount of plastic packaging.

I had 7 spent years in hospitality management and was bored with companies choosing profit over ethics. I was working for companies that went against my own values, I was miserable, so I decided to change that.

The intersection between delicious vegan food and reducing waste is where the idea for Little Bento Box was born!

3 years in to our business and we have really leaned in to these values.

-All of our packaging is 100% home compostable.

(Apart from our sauce jars which are repurposed!)

-We offer a 5% discount when you bring you your own packaging.

-We donate 100% of tips to an animal charity of our choice- 

so far we have donated over £1,300 in tips.

We are and always will be, vegan for the animals.

Chloë and Kieran x

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